The co-branding between two Italian pillars of excellence is proving to be strategically successful in attracting an increasingly cultured and demanding international clientele, lover of the luxury and exclusivity that only the great Made in Italy can absolutely guarantee when it is able to express itself at the highest levels.

It is a shining example of the collaboration between two prestigious Italian companies, Chateau d'Ax, leader in interior design and Dinacci Brothers, which for three generations in Marcianise, in the province of Caserta, has produced precious frames for jewelery both for brands and for Italian and foreign shops, selling all over the world thanks to its impeccable style and productive ability.

After having met in Moscow in 2013 on the occasion of Miss Universe, where Fratelli Dinacci had created for Yamamay the famous One Million Dollar costume in gold and precious stones that ended up on the front pages of all the newspapers, Flavio Dinacci, administrator of Fratelli Dinacci and Alessandro Colombo, manager of the commercial, marketing and advertising of Chateau d'Ax never lost sight of each other, promising one day to collaborate together and so it was. Thanks to an idea of Flavio Dinacci, who believed a lot in this partnership and thanks to his enthusiasm and the conviction that the two companies in co-branding could achieve something absolutely unique and special, the two got down to work.

Teaming together Italian excellence and bringing together their extraordinary know-how, as well as past experience and values, the project took shape and became a luxury collection that Chateau d'Ax proudly presented at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan. arousing the admiration of a mainly international clientele, in search of beautiful and well-made Italian style.

And how could anyone remain indifferent in front of lampshades embellished with tennis bracelets in 18-karat gold and precious stones or fabulous sofas and armchairs enhanced in their impeccable design by large buckles in gold and diamonds? All strictly Made in Italy and customizable, both in the fabrics of the furnishings of which Chateau d'Ax offers refined alternatives and in the color of the enchanting gold details that Fratelli Dinacci produces on request in all its color variations (yellow, white and pink ).

An industrial production, therefore, interpreted however in a luxuriously haute couture optic for a world of Italian luxury to be experienced.

Because luxury, you know, is all in the details, in the attention to that particular detail that makes the difference, it strikes, it excites. All this together with the use of precious raw materials and the exclusivity of an innovative and sophisticated design: all typical characteristics that the entire world has always recognized as Made in Italy, an extraordinary model for a lifestyle in which a century-old tradition devoted to Art and Beauty full stop combines in great style with the passion for innovation and experimentation with brilliant and ingenious results.

The Chateau d'Ax - Fratelli Dinacci stylistic project, in particular, has attracted the attention of customers and buyers from countries, such as those from the Middle East, where certainly, in this historical moment, average wealth has a greater index than in Europe which translates not only into greater spending power, but above all investment in durable and luxurious goods. What these customers are looking for is the Italian luxury of the great craftsmanship, the handmade and the creative talent that has always seen us at the top of the most extraordinary in the world. And it is what Chateau d'Ax aims to offer thanks to new ambitious projects that in the near future will see the Lombard company protagonist in the deluxe hotel industry and in that of luxury boating, thanks to furnishings made with increasingly unique and precious materials, unique solutions and surprising styles for beauty and creativity.

This year, Chateau d'Ax blows out 70 candles and does so with the awareness of having a beautiful Italian entrepreneurial story behind it, to which it wants to add many exciting new chapters to be written because this extraordinary company founded by Bruno Colombo, in Lentate sul Seveso , in the heart of Brianza and today leader in the design of sofas, bathroom furniture, modern kitchens, living rooms and sleeping areas, knows how to look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism, proud to be a winning symbol of the great quality of Made in Italy: always at the forefront of showing the whole world all the Italian savoir faire, it has constantly demonstrated an innate ability to renew itself and adapt to the great changes of the market and the needs of its customers, and which has always managed to offer an original and competitive product, with an elegant and proudly Italian style. Anticipator of trends and tastes, Chateau d'Ax has filled the homes of Italians and then the ones of the whole world with warmth and beauty thanks to its fresh and original style, the comfort of its products and the excellent quality-price ratio. And now it is ready to expand deeper and deeper into Asia, the Middle East and in different parts of Africa where the value of Made in Italy is perceived even more strongly than in Europe. Because Italian style is art, culture and beauty sublimated in timeless creations of great charm and refinement. This is its strength and this is the credo of Chateau d'Ax.

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